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Desyatka [10.ua] advertising agency


  • Founded in 1991 – the time when there was almost no advertisement in the country at all
  • were promoting Kyivstar in such distant 90s when the future leader of Ukrainian mobile market was named Bridge
  • created the first Ukrainian brand “Persha Hildiya” in such a distant time when the very word “brand” was known by few people in the whole country. By the way, the brand is still being well on the market
  • are evidently the most experienced “automotive” agency in Ukraine:
    • brand “Slavuta” is obliged to us by its success in 2001-02;
    • in 2005 we helped brand “Izh” to conquer the market;
    • in 2004 – brand “Lada”;
    • in 2004-08 – auto-dealer Ukrainian Automobile Holding;
    • moreover, from 2005 to 2008 we helped brand “Hyundai” to increase its market share from 1,37% to 7,81%, and to change customer's perception of the brand from “can this move?” to “I want this car!”

  • created such a commercial for brand “Prostamol” that Berlin Chemie purchased the rights for its translation all over the Europe, besides, until 6 years after there was no replacement found for this commercial in Ukraine
  • created brand “Melochi Zhizni” – the leader on the household goods market
  • created the niche of medical cosmetics for brand “Dermilax” and niche of individual tourism for company Zagorye which heretofore remains the leader of this segment
  • built the image of Adriatic countries in Ukraine for company Zeta
  • were promoting brands “Franke”, “Ardo”, “Snaige”, “Kodak” and “Daewoo Electronics” that is why we have first-hand knowledge of technics
  • created FMCG-brands “Frest” (Obolon), “Kvas Taras” (BBH), “Spy” (Nemiroff), “Yarilo” (ZZBN), “Euro” and “Jeanser” (Orlan) as well as many others
  • were promoting company Zhitlo 21 Vek as nobody else before in such a time when real estate market was only starting to grow
  • rebranded the first Ukrainian hotel network “Premier Hotels” when the market was filled with advertising noise of the competitors
  • have helped to reach success to both huge worldwide brands and tiny local companies, getting along with everyone
    We develop successful projects. Every great success of a client is our success too. Only this success not our mission or philosophy builds our reputation. Our works have been seen by billions of eyes, our projects are well-known and widely discussed. Contact us and together we will make your project become successful

Our services
Strategic planning, brand consulting, branding, creative,
design/adaptation, media planning, buying

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